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Seychelles Attractions

Vallèe de Mai National Park

A visit to the captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallèe de Mai National Park, which lies on the Praslin Island of the Seychelles, is a truly memorable a special experience for tourists who wish to discover some of the rare fauna and flora, animals and birdlife of the Seychelles.

The 18 hectare Vallèe de Mai National Park is one of the only places in the world where the rare coco de mer palm tree grows; this palm tree is the subject of many legends. Its seeds are the largest and heaviest in the world (reaching 25 kilograms) and were once believed to hold great healing powers. While discovering the many wonders of the prehistoric forest preserves, you could come across vanilla orchids, chinese fans and a number of other stunning and lush plants. The park is often described as 'The Garden of Eden', where you will lose touch with the modern world.

You can also come across the large-billed bulbul, geckos, snails, frogs, many lizard species and even rare birds like the fruit pigeon and the black parrot (which is the national bird of the Seychelles) which are found throughout the park. The Vallèe de Mai National Park offers various trails which can be enjoyed by visitors, as well as the option to use tour guides and brochures at the main building as you enter.

Curieuse Island & Marine National Park

Visiting the unique and wondrous granitic island of Curieuse in the Seychelles is a popular day-trip enjoyed by tourists of any age. Previously known as the Ile Rouge because of its red and russet-toned earth, the island is now home to many giant tortoises and sea turtles. It is also one of only two places where the interesting coco de mer palm trees grow.

The island is easily accessible by a small boat which is usually about a 20 minute trip and is open every day of the year, from eight till five. During your visit, you will learn about the Anse St. Joseph leper colony who was housed here from 1833 right up to 1965 – both the colony and also the doctors residence can be visited, as museums and educational centres.

There are more than 500 tortoises roaming the island and you can appreciate the eight various species of Mangrove trees. During your visit, you can also enjoy walking trails through dense mangrove forests which are truly gorgeous and will create some amazing memories, you will also walk giant granite cliffs – these cliffs are scrubbed by the wind and rain, which forms natural blue and red archways along the coast.

Victoria, the Capital City

Victoria is the city capital of the Seychelles and is a bustling hub of economic, commercial and political activity. A visit to Victoria provides guests with a unique experience and insight into the everyday lives of locals. As you explore Victoria, you will be surrounded by stunning azure blue seas, tropical and lush vegetation, plenty of trees and shade as well as rolling hills.

Some of the sights worth visiting in Victoria include the National Botanical Gardens; a spectacular and expansive assemblage of exotic and mature plants spread across five acres of gorgeous tropical gardens, as well a lovely orchid house with a wonderful variety of blossoms. This garden is over a century old, filled with spices, fruit trees and giant tortoises. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate displays stunning stained glass windows and carved doors and is truly beautiful, one of the oldest churches on the island having been built in 1851.

The vibrant atmosphere of the Sir Selwyn Clarke market is another one of Victoria's tourist hot spots, a great gathering place which is colourful and exciting, with a selection of spices, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. Saturday morning visits are the best, as boutiques and souvenir shops line the streets nearby. You will get swept up in the charming provincial village appeal and come across friendly locals as you enjoy the many attractions in Victoria.

The National Museum of History

Established in the Seychelles in 1964, the National Museum of History is an educational and interesting experience, providing a look into the rich and complex history of the Seychelles dating back to 1517.

Located in the capital city of Victoria this insightful museum is charged with the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of historical artefacts for the public benefit. These exhibits illustrate the history of the Seychelles with displays that include the oldest map which was drawn in 1517, as well as the Stone of Possession which is the oldest monument to-date in the Seychelles and signifies the act of possession by the French over the islands, with carvings depicting colonial ancestry on the stone itself. The museum is also home to the smallest statuette of Queen Victoria.

It is a great place to visit if you want a more insightful glance into the many happenings within the Seychelles from years before, and an understanding of the traditions and beliefs. The Museum is open most days and closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Aldabra Atoll

A wonderfully remote and wild region that is a raised coral atoll in the Seychelles, the Aldabra Atoll is the world's second largest coral atoll, situated in the Aldabra group of islands and considered a natural wonder.

Comprising of four main islands that are made from coral and surrounded by a coral reef, these islands encircle a shallow lagoon to form the Aldabra Atoll which is extraordinarily beautiful – a spectacular natural array of formations and colour. As this island isn't easily accessible, it still has the largest population of giant tortoises in the world living in its untouched and uninterrupted ecosystem.

The various developed landforms of this Atoll has created a wonderful selection of marine habitats like coral reefs, sea-grass beds and mangrove mudflats, as well as over 400 endemic species that include an array of bird life and sea life as well as subspecies that include vertebras, invertebrates and plants. The lands unique surface consists mostly of ancient coral reef raised above sea level. Some of the other rare life forms existing here are the coconut crab (the largest land crab in the world), barracuda and manta rays as well as hammerhead sharks.


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