• Local Time 23:30
  • Current Weather
  • Population1.304 million
  • LanguageKiswahili, English
    and Arabic
  • CurrencyTanzanian Shilling

About Zanzibar

From the unique and eccentric spice markets and colourful local flavours and style, to beautiful and extensive beachfronts with turquoise blue ocean waters leaving guests speechless, The Zanzibar Archipelago is made up of renowned holiday islands resting just off the coast of Tanzania on the Indian Ocean. Home to some of the world's most sought after beaches that provide amazing paradise escapes of sunshine and natural beauty; there is no reality quite as appealing or able to compare.

Spend your vacation exploring some of the divine beaches of Zanzibar and discover a medley of tiny fishing villages, safari experiences, gorgeous romantic destinations that will create everlasting memories and family friendly attractions that can be enjoyed all-year round.

  • Zanzibar's flag is a horizontal tricolour of blue, black and green with the national flag of Tanzania in the canton, on the top left corner
  • Zanzibar's Islands are often referred to as 'Spice Islands', as the islands economy is largely dependent on its production of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper
  • The Famous Freddie Mercury, Queen front man, was born in Stone Town in Zanzibar. He was bought up on the island and India, until he reached his mid teens and because of this Freddie was dubbed Britain's first 'Asian Rock Star'
  • Zanzibar is not just one island but an archipelago of islands, with its two largest islands being Ungula and Pemba, with a few smaller islands close by
  • The name Zanzibar comes from the Persian word Zangibar and means 'coast of the blacks'
  • Zanzibar was the first country in Africa to introduce colour television back in 1974, while the first television services on the mainland Tanzania were only introduced in 1994 due to opposition by the country's president
  • The unique and almost extinct Red Colobus Monkey, Servaline Genet and also the Zanzibar Leopard can be found only in Zanzibar


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