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Zanzibar Beaches

Nungwi Beach

This stunning beach is one of the most popular beaches in Zanzibar and it easy to see why. Located on the northern most point of the Island visitors can find the charming Nungwi village which is known for its lively party atmosphere while still remaining chilled and low key. The amazing Nungwi beach is a truly gorgeous sight with startlingly azure blue seas that are warm and perfect for swimming, complimented by chalk white sands that are inviting and create a picture perfect setting. There are restaurants, pubs, clubs and other attractions to be enjoyed by all, within walking distance from the beachfront.

The coral reefs surrounding the crystal blue waters offer the perfect and ideal haven for those who want to explore the expansive marine life by snorkelling along the coral, or engage in some fun water sports like waterskiing, deep sea fishing or diving. Families can spend long and leisurely afternoons here, relaxing as the surrounding beauty and peaceful blue sky lie before you. This is also a great spot for romantic strolls as the late afternoon sun sets.

Kendwa Beach

One of the most appealing and popular beaches in Zanzibar that will truly capture the hearts of visitors, Kenwa Beach is incredibly beautiful and is famous for displaying some of the most attractive sunsets from its golden shores, across the bright and dazzling clear blue Indian Ocean.

The lovely Kendwa Beach is an easy and short walk away from the Nungwi village and also offers a variety of engaging activities like late afternoon volleyball or football games with locals or some water sports like scuba diving, but can also be enjoyed for relaxation where guests can simply find shade under one of the small shade huts (locally know as banda's), which are scattered across the sea sand. Bring a book along, or even pack a little picnic as you prepare to enjoy a wonderful day of sunshine, sea sand and warm ocean waters with your loved ones as you take in the surroundings of one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. The Zanzibar Full Moon Party is also very popular, and takes places on this beach.

Paje Beach

A popular and bustling white sandy beach that seems to stretch out endlessly and offers spectacular views of a vast, turquoise ocean, Paje is certainly one of the more popular Southeastern beach towns of Zanzibar. Visitors can engage in numerous exciting water based activities to get their blood pumping like surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and diving with a few stores close by hiring out equipment. Fun experiences like stand-up paddling and banana boats can also be enjoyed at Paje Beach, and swimming can also be enjoyed as long as the tide isn't too low. The water here is very pale and clear, be sure to bring a camera along to snap a couple of photos.

There is a lovely casual ocean-facing restaurant resting on Paje Beach, surrounded by palm trees and offering a selection of inspired local dishes that can be enjoyed by all as well as a few beach bars along the coastline. The beach is long and wide with soft sand, meaning that you can take long and leisurely strolls here as the warm ocean waters and soft waves crash in the distance.

Kiwengwa Beach

The Kiwengwa beach is somewhat more luxurious than the more casual beaches of Zanzibar but definitely worth spending a little extra for; with its modern comforts and stunning surroundings this gorgeous and pristine beach displays luxury hotels, tropical palm trees and endless luminescent ocean views.

The ocean water is characteristically turquoise blue and gets a little darker at the distance edges. There are some loungers placed near the foot of the ocean for sunbathers to appreciate, and shade at some points provided by outstretched palm trees and large bright green leaves. The warm Indian Ocean waters of this beach are ideal for swimming, surfing and sailing. Relaxing late afternoon strolls can also be enjoyed here as the views of clear blue skies and stunning blue seas create a truly memorable sensation of tranquil and relaxing fun.


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