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Seychelles Beaches

Anse Royale Beach

With its beautiful, shallow crystal blue waters and soft white sea-sand, where palm trees provide shade and breathtaking views can be appreciated from every angle, Anse Royale beach is situated in the Capital Island of Mahè and is one of the largest bays on this island, regularly attracting visitors and often bustling with admirers and locals. Enjoy a day spent soaking up the sunshine and keeping cool in the ocean as views of endless seas keep you thoroughly enchanted. This beach offers an excellent range of attractions for families and friends to engage in, while also being a popular spot for snorkelling and swimming.

Perfect for those who want to experience the charming provincial life of the island and explore some local grocery stores and the local fish market, or indulge in a lunch at one of the numerous restaurants nearby. It is easy to enjoy the village's charming atmosphere and find some lovely trinkets to take home with you to remember your time here.

Beau Vallon Beach

The beautiful Beau Vallon beach can be found on the North Western Coast of Mahè in the Seychelles, well known and loved by tourists and locals and considered one of the most famous beaches on this island. This absolutely stunning beach is a vibrant and exciting one which should definitely be visited by all who want to experience the best of the Seychelles.

The extensive stretch of the pristine shoreline is made up of powder white and soft sea-sand, shady tropical plants and palm trees and smooth rocks while the Indian Ocean waters are shallow and warm – perfect for swimming and considerably safe with a lifeguard on standby most days. Water sports are often enjoyed at the Beau Vallon beach, such as snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and even jet skiing and fishing – there are a few options for rental facilities of equipment nearby. With its stunning scenery and displaying some mesmerising sunsets, you will easily fall in love with this beach during your vacation.

Anse Georgette Beach

The outstandingly beautiful and serene Anse Georgette beach is located on the small Praslin Island of the Seychelles, a truly beautiful sight which is very popular among tourists. This stunning island is known for its palm-fringed beaches and ample natural scenery which captivates guests from all over the world. Ansa Georgette is a unique beach that is undeveloped and does not feature a single rock or piece of coral which allow the sea bed to create wonderful turquoise coloured water which is incredibly alluring. Although the beach is very attractive, it is unsafe to swim here as the waves and currents are very strong.

If you are planning to visit this amazing beach you do need to call ahead as the resort of Constance Lemuria aims to keep the bay as peaceful as possible and preserve the lovely natural elements. A visit to Ansa Georgette is ideal for couples who want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a more peaceful beach experience, where sunset picnics or leisurely strolls can create wonderfully romantic memories.

Anse Lazio

Every element of the Anse Lazio beach comes together beautifully to provide holiday guests with an undeniably beautiful beachfront experience. This popular and lovely beach is located on the small island of Praslin and displays perfect marble white beach sand and captivating pale blue ocean waters, cradled by tropical and lush mountain peaks. This beach was recently graded the 6th best beach in the world, and you will easily understand why when you are welcomed to its stunning setting.

The Seychelles is home to large sea turtles which can be found feeding right at the Anse Lazio bay, where the bay is calm and shallow. If you choose to enjoy snorkelling at this bay, you could come across these sea turtles and a number of other fish species. This beach is popular for romantic strolls under the sun and can also be enjoyed by families with kids as the tidal pools are warm and shallow with refreshing waves.

There are legends of pirates who were said to roam the Seychelles islands hundreds of years ago, with possible telltale signs of these visits etched into the granite boulders that lie at the foot of the ocean.

Anse Source d'Argent

The breathtakingly spectacular Anse Source d'Argent beach lies on the La Digue Island of the Seychelles, possibly one of the Seychelles most beautiful beaches and one of the most photographed. This beach is picture perfect, with its stretch of pure white sea-sand and unfiltered blue shades of Indian Ocean waters where fish and even sea turtles can often be seen at the shallow edges of the reef, even without a snorkelling mask on.

To enter Anse Source d'Argent you will be required to pay a small entrance fee, which will allow you entry to the beach as well as the Park and Museum where you can discover the old coconut mills and giant turtles. The beach is popular for snorkelling although the waters are too shallow for swimming, although you can wade through the waters to cool down. Because of the beaches beauty, it is rarely quiet and for those seeking less crowds it is suggested that early morning visits are better. You can also set foot past the first set of boulders to a larger bay that is usually less frequented and offers more privacy.

The Union State which you must pass through to reach this beach closes at 5PM so unfortunately sunset visits aren't possible, and sometimes with the high tide the beach can almost disappear so it is advised that you plan around the tides.

Marina Beach

An undeniably beautiful and mostly deserted beach situated on the Frègate Island of the Seychelles, Marina Beach is often enjoyed by families and couples who are looking to appreciate the vast open ocean and offshore lagoon in blissful solitude. The sea sand and ocean waters, as with most of the beaches of the Seychelles, offer crystal clear waters and golden white sands.

The Indian Ocean Waters of Marina Beach are shallow and tranquil, perfect for a lovely picnic on the beach where children can safely swim and play. Scuba diving and snorkelling are both fun and exciting activities that can be enjoyed here, without worrying about crowds and noise. There are a couple of wonderful local restaurants nearby, and the islands jetty is a main feature. Frègate Island is private and small, the easternmost of the granite inner islands that form part of the Seychelles.


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